Monday, May 3, 2010

An Experiment

A small group in church, a blog idea, a single post. These are all experiments, simple wonderings of what life could be like if we talked, journeyed, even blogged together about how we are trying to live a life more in harmony with our Creator, our neighbors near and far, our world around us, and ourselves. This imagining has caused quite the stir in my own house and so have the experiments. From conversations have evolved more bike rides and family walks, music making, freshly baked bread and seeing how eggplants will do in our garden. We love the life abundant that has come to us from the little we have changed and tried on for size. We wonder what more, what else that we have not thought of in our small family and short Sunday small group. We wondered if a blog would be the appropriate use of technology that would connect us to neighbor, helping us love our earth, finding God and our own humanity through it all.
Shall we try this experiment?


  1. leah, great idea to try a blog! i'm in! looking fwd to checking out the books you recommended.

    shelly :o)

  2. Deining or explaining simplicity can be a real challenge. I really appreciate Richard Foster's attempt from the chapter on Simplicity in his book, Celebration of Discipline. Here is a link to the highlights:


  3. I'm in too! Should be fun :o)