Sunday, May 16, 2010

just the beginning!

The wake of today left many many thoughts running around my brain. The hamster wheel is a little squeaky so i'm letting them out here so i can get some rest :)

1. Thanks for the discussion today! Matthew and I were so excited by our conversation and ideas for the future. We loved all the different opinions and ideas and loved the process of sharing and brainstorming together. Thanks so much for your participation in that.

2. We talked about a place to share free things (the free sale aside) so this is something to check out. You email this address and request to be added to the listserve. Then you will get updates on items people no longer want and can also post yours. You can choose to have the notifications individually sent to your inbox, or have them grouped together once a day in a larger newsletter type style. Happy trading!

X. I'm trying to figure out how we could do something similar on this blog, to do sharing type stuff or trade/give away. We could do meal swaps there possibly as well if we wanted... so if you know how to get something like that up, let me know (or just do it :) or if you see something funny on the blog but it doesn't work... it's just an experiment! Thanks for your patience, participation, excitement!

Y. Another idea that Kim and I talked about today, speaking about trading and sharing was how there were some great emails this week about sharing plants/produce from our gardens. We wondered if we could dedicate a table in the "fellowship" area to bring items like that and just leave with a little donation jar that we could donate to an organization like plant a row, etc. That way people other than the ones gardening could get in on the produce action and it's just something fun to share, trade, talk about, do! If a few more people like the idea, we can put it in the church newsletter and go from there :)

Z. Here's a little inspiration for getting rid of stuff... this kid in my class came up to me this week and shoved a well loved little doggie in my hands saying it was for Abby because she likes dogs. It was humbling to see her choose to give something like that away just because someone else (she doesn't even know) might like it too.


  1. This all sounds great! I'm also wondering how/where we can best trade useful information. For instance, Harry has a whole box of homemade/used cd's, old cassette tapes, etc. that I wanted to find out where we can recycle it (scrap exchange?). Also, I've been wondering if anyone has good produce storage advice so I'm not wasting things. Just basic questions we're running into as we try to live a life of simplicity :o) But I don't want to clutter the main part of the blog with that type of question...any ideas?

  2. comments can be a good place to keep a conversation going about a specific topic...
    scrap exchange would be happy to take the things you mentioned, but freecycle is great too.
    as for produce... i just learned a good lettuce tip-- wash it and put it in a dish towel. Roll it up and stick it in the crisper just like that! It will stay good much longer than in a bag.