Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Prayer

So as I came home today, excited by our final Sunday morning class of Experiments in Simplicity, and looking forward to our future Simplicity Experiments in community, Harry had already cleaned out his side of the closet, our "multi-media" collection, and much of his hunting supplies while I was gone to church. I then made lunch and thought about taking a nap. As I lay there, trying to decide whether to fall asleep or get up and get started going through my dresser drawers, this was my prayer:

Dear God,

Guide me in the life of simplicity that you want for me, not the one I want for myself.

Help me to be
energized but not frantic,
motivated but not ego-driven,
thorough but not legalistic,
grace-filled but not unchallenging.

Help me to listen to You and trust what I hear.

In Jesus' Name,

By the way, Harry says he is totally on board for our June 19 Junk Purge, as long as it includes meeting afterwards at Five Guys. :o)



  1. tracy, that sums up so much of our conversation today!! i will be praying it alongside you this week

  2. Five Guys burgers are amazing!!:-)